• Maths In Motion is a nationally unique way to deliver active mathematics lessons. 

  • The concept uses a wide range of physical games to develop all the core skills required within the Numeracy Framework.

  • There are over 60 resource cards containing the games that re-enforce learning covering topics such as Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions, Decimals, Percentages, Measurement, Angles and Perimeters. Plus much more!

  • Children gain confidence in the various aspects of Maths by experiencing different and memorable games in a fun, competitive and nurturing atmosphere where mental maths wins the day! 

Why use it?


  • Maths in Motion is an inclusive programme where all children are actively involved and often work together to achieve the tasks. This allows pupils of different abilities to work together to develop core skills. Peer learning is encouraged and pupils are expected to explain their answers.

  • The concept is designed to target Physical learners (especially boys) to re-engage with the core subjects by using physical tasks to teach Numeracy skills.

  • Pupils who have Numeracy ability but not Physical ability are welcomed into teams and feel that they are able to contribute positively to tasks, teams and lessons. The result is an increased willingness to participate and thus increasing their fitness and self confidence.

  • It helps re-engage pupils who are not confident in traditional PE sessions and who may struggle within team game settings.

  • As the games have an element of competition pupils have to develop their mental maths skills in order to win games. If the maths is wrong you cannot win no matter how quick you do the physical skill.


  • As part of your weekly delivery of your Numeracy topic to support classroom learning. 

  • 15 minute physical sessions during some numeracy lessons to re-enforce topics being taught.

  • During Warm up and skill development sections of PE lessons and games that re-enforce numeracy part of the PE lessons.


  • One off lessons at beginning and end of Numeracy blocks of work to assess pupils starting knowledge and progress from a Numeracy topic that has been taught.

  • Group interventions for targeted pupils or SATS boosters.

  • Advanced practical maths lessons for gifted and able children.

What's different?

  • In the past organisations have tried to develop ways of introducing Numeracy and Literacy into PE Lessons. Many delivered practical sessions but then came back to the classroom to deliver the numeracy element or used paper or whiteboards to do calculations.

  • Maths In Motion is DIFFERENT. The core subjects take precedence and the games are designed to teach Numeracy through Physical Activity in the Hall, on the Playground or school field through physical, mental maths. NO PEN AND PAPER OR WHITEBOARDS REQUIRED!

  • The resource cards teach the maths physically. The pupils learn maths whilst playing games. Simple. 




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